Instytut Automatyki Politechniki Łódzkiej Łódź, 22-24 listopada 2017
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Plenary session

Plenary lecture „Controller Design for Linear Parameter-Varying Systems by Convex Optimization” will be given by professor Carsten W. Scherer

Linear parameter varying (LPV) systems are described by linear differential equations whose describing matrices depend - possibly in a non-linear fashion - on time-varying parameters. The goal of the related synthesis problem is to design a controller of the very same structure such that the overall controlled system satisfies certain desired specifications on stability and performance for the entire set of permissible parameter trajectories. The implementation of LPV controllers takes on-line measurements of the time-varying parameters into account in order to improve the performance over robust controllers, compensators without any adaptation capabilities. Since the time-varying parameters often admit the interpretation of describing the location of the system's operation point, LPV control methods are viewed as a viable alternative to classical gain-scheduling designs for controlling nonlinear systems. In this talk we highlight the challenges in analyzing the stability and performance properties of LPV systems that result from the time-varying nature of the system description. The main goal is to survey the key ideas how to develop systematic computational tools based on convex optimization that are suitable for controller analysis and synthesis. We sketch some recent theoretical developments in robust LPV controller synthesis and we present examples that illustrate the benefit of this design methodology.

Professor Carsten W. Scherer Carsten W. Scherer received the Ph.D. degree in mathematics from the University of Würzburg (Germany) in 1991. After six months of research at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Washington University (St. Louis) respectively, Dr. Scherer joined Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in 1993 where he held positions as an assistant and associate professor. In fall 1999 he spent a three months sabbatical as a visiting professor at the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich. From December 2001 until February 2010 he was a full professor within the Delft Center for Systems and Control at Delft University of Technology. Since March 2010 he holds the SRC SimTech Chair "Mathematical Systems Theory" in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Stuttgart.

His main research interests cover various topics in applying optimization techniques for developing new advanced controller design algorithms and their application to mechatronics and aerospace systems.

Dr. Scherer acted as the chair of the IFAC technical committee on Robust Control (2002-2008), and he has served as an associated editor for IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (1997-1999), Automatica (2000-2006) and Systems & Control Letters; he is currently active on the editorial board of the European Journal of Control.

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