Institute of Automatic Control Łódź, November 22-24, 2017
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Topics of the Conference

The conference covers all topics related to power electronics and electric drives, in particular:

  • control methods for drive automation and power electronics,
  • elements of control theory, methods of artificial intelligence and computer science inspired by applications in drive systems and power electronics,
  • analysis, synthesis, modelling, simulation, and special topics of DC/AC converter drives,
  • applications in robotics,
  • traction drives and motion control applications,
  • electrical machines,
  • network control of distributed power systems or multi-drive systems,
  • electromagnetic compatibility,
  • reactive power compensation and other energy issues,
  • redundant power supply,
  • other applications of power electronics,
  • education in the field of power electronics, drives and control,
  • diagnostics of electronic and drive system,
  • components for power electronics systems.

The Program Committee invites proposals of special sessions devoted to selected topics.

Updated: 9.07.2015